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Quality Policy

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of magnetic door holders, magnetic door catchers. We don't promise, we understand customer needs and so do our products. The quality control measures and a desire of growth has leT us to a success and now we are the biggest exporters in our field. We provide our customers with a variety of designs that are best in the market according to price, look and strength. Quality being our main aim, our products pass through a series of quality assurance levels which guarantees a tough product. A team of highly qualified engineers always works for better quality. Don't worry on the look, our products come in a wide range of colors that are easy enough to match the surroundings. Some of the most popular colors are white,ivory,brown,black,gray,tick wood,chill wood, rose wood.

While we guarantee a lot on quality, we also perform series of steps to ensure that a quality product is released. Some of this steps are listed below.

  1. Quality Management responsible for overall management
  2. Product safety and liability
  3. Personnel management and training
  4. Quality in marketing
  5. Quality in production
  6. Quality in specification and design
  7. Quality in procurement
  8. Control of production to guarantee a fresh stock
  9. Product certifications and verifications
  10. Control of Non-conformity
  11. Corrective action
  12. Purchaser supplied product

Now when guests visit your place and they enter your home, you don't need to worry about the glasses of door slamming their faces and making you feel embarrassed. thanks to such wondrfull door catchers. You can mount the magnetic block on the wall and spring-loaded, magnetic catch near the bottom of the door. Now whether it is for your office or a home, we have a wide variety of magnetic door holders and catchers collection that suits your requirement with a cost effectiveness. So trust us once and you don't need to go anywhere else. Our quality policies will influence you and we bet on it.


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