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Hero Magnetic Door Catcher/Holder is the first company in the furniture industry to achieve the most important & prestigious designation as of the extraordinary commitment by Hero to protect the environment.

Haresh Patel, Hero president and CEO says, believes and consider having a responsibility not only to protect our community, but also our environment from unnecessary pollution which is increasing day by day. As per him we shall be part of the solution, not of pollution. Earth Loves you, love it back.

"To be recognized as a proactive keeper of the environment is one of the greatest honors that we have ever received," Haresh Patel says. As a Performance Track company, we plan to continuously improve our environmental standards by applying our maximum efforts, not because the law requires it, but because it is the right & important thing to do."

At Hero, the stream of satisfied customers continues to grow as Hero Magnetic Door Holder/Catcher continues to be creative and diversifies to expand business, and improve quality into the next millennium. Modern marketing concepts, quality products and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods have always been motivated by the demand for customer satisfaction.

"Hero Magnetic Door Holder/Catcher is the example of grace, quality and style. Shapely curves add uniqueness/different and interest to this Door Catcher/Holders collection. Rich colors and quality are inviting and are perfectly suited to your taste for worldly sophistication."

Since 1996 in manufacturing of magnetic door holders and magnetic door catcher field, Hero India plays an important role in the magnetic industry in India since 1992. All Work is handled by Mr. Haresh Patel, who has very good and long experience in manufacturing work.


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